kangaroo point 2010

public art projects


Different Ways of Being
A temporary commission for the opening day strongly supported the dialogue between outside and inside and between place and space creating a physical environment of leisure.     Three sensory elements form the basis of this work:

OLFACTORY: has been created from the inspiration from this quote from Mark Twain;
"Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heal that has crushed it."
Dried lavender and chamomile was laid on the paths that intersect ‘Afforest’ and ‘The Green Room’ and as people walk through these works they will inadvertently release the smells of the colours they are surrounded by and the reinvestment of site.

TOUCH: purple parasols were handed out on the day and as people wander and swirl these they will create purple moving flowers moving through the park. People can also take their positions under the purple flowering petals of randomly placed umbrellas for protection from the elements and the creation of smaller intimate zones within a public area. These  umbrellas symbolise and make reference to our beach culture.


SIGHT and SOUND: is found on the entry nodes of ‘Afforest’, to temporarily bring attention to the future planting of the beautifully espaliered and shaped trees. 6 large inflatable ‘ghost’ trees were created and positioned where these trees will eventually be sited. These ghostly reminders of trees past, present and where future woven trees will be installed. On the day these ‘works’ were a spectacle and visual draw card from the city to the park for this memorable day.

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